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Womance 2011 – Welcome to Miami

Womance 2011 served two purposes: First as our annual Womance trip and Second as Jessica’s Bachelorette Party.  We decided onMiamias a good spot to get some sun and fun!  In attendance this year we had: me, Mariam, Mandy, Jennifer, Jessica, Heather and Carrie.  The trip started off by us arriving at the hotel and we all get in the elevator and there is a man in there who does not get out…he rides up with us.  About half way up Jennifer turns to him and says are you so and so’s husband from The Real Housewives of Miami and he says yes and we all die laughing!  So we had our first TV reality show personality sighting.

For the occasion I made everyone a shirt that said Stessica (for Jessica and Stephen’s upcoming wedding) on the front and a personalized nickname on the back!  Friday night we all went out to a great dinner at Il Gabbiono which was an excellent meal and then out to hit the “clubs”.

On Saturday we took it easy and lounged by the pool and beach and when a brief rain storm blew in we all went inside to rest up before dinner.  When we all met for dinner we realized we had all been watching the same TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker which was about a bachelor who lived between California and Miami.  We all discussed the show and wanted to see how it turned out but did not get to see it because of our dinner reservations.  We were all sitting at a high table in the bar section and I look up and who do I see sitting at the bar…yes the guy from The Millionaire Matchmaker show we were all just watching.  Needless to say after some arm twisting we convince Mariam to buy him a drink and he then comes over to thank her and invites to another bar after dinner.  So we had our second TV reality show personality meeting.

It was a great time with great friends

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